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Monday, February 28, 2011

My Journal Writing for 1 March 2011

1. What is the message underlying this video and what are your thoughts about it?
- The message in this video is to remain the natural beauty of girls and not let them go for things like plastic surgeries and harm themselves as the beauty industry makes the females feel bad and incomplete about themselves. The other message is to tell the public that we should not go for things like plastic surgeries.
2. How would the beauty industry manipulate the way females think about themselves?
- The beauty industry makes females feel bad about themselves by showing better looking females to them. They will not feel happy about themselves and make them go for plastic surgeries and take food supplements that will harm the body just for them to look good. The beauty industry will then benefit from making others feel miserable.
3. What could society do to encourage healthier self image among young ladies?
- The society could encourage healthier self image young ladies by stop publishing advertisements and commercials that makes the females feel bad about themselves. In this way, the females will feel perfect about themselves and give them more confidence to face the public just the way they are. The society could also show the public on how to look better naturally using natural products like fruits and vegetables as these food products also help the females to feel or look better than usually and it does not harm their body.

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